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Keep Your Kids Busy while

Learning and Having Fun

AT JEI's Winter Explorer Camp

Our 4 week camp will allow kids to

  • Unlock their creativity through cooking our simple winter recipes
  • Improve Gross Motor Skills,by modeling snow men and much more
  • Improve literacy and Reading Skills with our story telling and discussions
  • Engage in lot and lots of play and other Fun Activities

your kids are in good hands

Ms. Hayam Sawad has a degree in Special Education and more than 10 years of experience as the head of KG and preschool activities at Dar Jana International School and Jeddah Knowledge

"I really wanted to delve and explore the idea of the seasons with Kids. And I can think of no better time of the year than Winter, which gives us so many possibilities for exploration. I wanted to create a program that let's kids imaginations run wild. Through stories, nature exploration, art, science experiments and lots and lots of play, kids will come away from the program getting a very strong sense of the part seasons, and particularly winter, play in our lives. I'm really proud of what the JEI team has accomplished, and I invite you and your kids to join us in our winter exploration."

Ms. Hayam Sawad

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Burhan Al Qirati Street, Near Continental School